Monthly Meeting Minutes – July 23


    • Currently Demolished
    • Granted reprieve for one year extension for zoning — They can start construction as soon as tomorrow.
      • Jesus (Jose) will find out why there was repreve.
        • Timeframes requested from Jesus (Jose).
      • We are not sure.
    • CARMEL:
      • Jack spoke to the fellow who represents the owner. They mentioned they are in the redesign phase and Jack recommended to hurry up – due to tariffs.
      • No BPDA presentation has been submitted.
      • Only submitted the letter of intent to BPDA.
      • Proposed 115 units
      • May sell parking lots – 5 MAJOR Blocks of Development.
      • CDC and NOAH are trying to get involved:
        • Not Condos
        • Market Rate
        • All Rentals
      • Another For-profit organization that seems to be involved in the development as well.
      • Whoever picks up the project → there will be parking spaces that will be created due to need.


  • Statistics:
    • 10% up compared to last year (37 total incidents)
      • Burglary; Homicide, serious crimes
    • 411 – priority 1 calls
    • Any questions or concerns to feel free to reach out to the police department. Encourage to reachout at the moment that question or concern comes up. Encourages not to wait until next months meeting to bring up any concerns.
  • COM
    • 381 – Part 1 Crimes for the CY.
  • Summer Flashlight Walk
    • August 16 @ 6 PM
  • National Night Out
    • August 4 @ 2:30 PM
    • 3:15 PM with Mayor
    • Ice cream truck for children
    • Awards will be presented
  • Peace Walk
    • Every Thursday, July 26 — Until September
    • 6 PM @ Police Station
  • Capitan – Encourages people to come to the police station to speak about
  • Police Commissioner, William Evans is retiring from the force to join Boston College
  • New Police Commissioner –
  • Biggest Issues:
    • New Development
    • College Students
      • Suffolk University and Emerson College
    • Airbnb:
      • Lubec Street:
        • Breaking locks to leave packages and exchange keys.
        • No way to capture the influx of the # of Airbnb and the state and city have not be able to manage and regulate.


  • Project tracker and website will be available soon


  • Jesus (Jose):
    • August 13th – Walk Tour: for the updates on the Ners Park
    • Civic Engagements:
      • For nominations:
        • Many categories
        • City of Boston – East Boston Newsletter subscribers.



  1. “Community Based Development without Displacement”
  2. 7 affordable units:
    1. AMI% Breakdown
  3. Both existing businesses will have new upgraded spaces, if they would like to stay.
  4. June 25th – 1st presentation
  5. Small Project Review w/ BPDA – June 28
  6. July 13thing – Zoning
  7. Tuesday, July 31st for [Meeting]
  8. No Hearings are currently scheduled. → Moving forward with Project.
  9. Neighborhood Traffic Patterns:
    1. Flipped the building so that the traffic would filter through from Frankfort not Maverick.
  10. Matching the Neighborhood Characteristics
    1. Use a brick material
  11. Stepping Back to 5 floors — did not reduce the stories from the initial project.
    1. Match the scale.
    2. 3 levels of Set-Back on the property.
      1. Retail (3.5 ft off the property line);
      2. above the 40ft (40ft matches the existing structure of neighborhood building height — brick);
      3. then on the top (5 ft set back)
    3. Entry Courtyard:
      1. Offset the main entry door to create a larger usable space in the Courtyard.
    4. Green Space in the backyard
    5. Zoning Board for appeals on list of variance that have not change


  1. Parking – Currently no meters;
    1. Series of curb cuts – Provide more on-street parking
      1. On-street parking: in conversations w/BPD about 10-15 mins parking/resident only parking.
        1. Market closes 11:30 PM
      2. Loading trucks for supplies, where are they going to deliver?
        1. For the large opening on the delivery truck – 30 ft (length)
        2. Large Commercial Trucks — These trucks need to be one their property when doing delivery not to disrupt
  2. Size of the building is too large. 5 Stories — Jane requested to Lower the building.
    1. Owner proposed to lower the number of floors of brick.
    2. The Lawyer mentioned that the “reason” for 5 stories is because they want to maintain the commercial building
  3. 55 units (700 sqft). Resident — requested for more than 7 units be made for affordable.
    1. 12 Studio apartments
    2. — “We are trying” the owner said.
    3. 34 proposed parking spaces
  4. Owner said they want to keep as a rental project
    1. Market:
      1. People who lives in East Boston: 21 – 25 years old who are moving into the neighborhood
      2. They are trying to keep the rents low
    2. Renegotiate the terms of lease with the owner, Jay, of the existing Market that is not going anywhere “for a long time”
  5. Laundry – Micheal is the existing manager of the Laundromat, there is a potential that he may not stay and Jay, the owner of the market may take over the laundromat.
  6. Building is too high, we won’t be able to see Boston from my House.


  1. Building built around 1920’s.
  2. Submitted final design under review with the BPDA w/in the last 10-12 days
  3. City of Boston — Apply for Building Permit
  4. In the process of getting a building permit.
  5. Designs:
    1. Added windows Glass block windows from 1920’s. — Original Design.
    2. The owner would email project
  6. Cell towers are trying to work with the cell towers company to move then further on top of the building.
    1. BPDA have adopted new cell tower regulations that not everything will be approved.
    2. Originally the cell towers were built within the building.
    3. Additional towers were added within the last 90 days.
    4. American Towers — third party is in between owner.
  7. Door was open last week
  8. A resident saw a crane there.
  9. No documentation for the towers back in the 1990’s — Original. — Owner is requesting for help to find these original documents.
  10. Jose (Jesus) to check out the permitting process for the
  11. WIll be migrating into a national hotel company:
    1. Hilton
    2. Marriott
    3. Intercontinental
  12. Owner says he visits every other week.
  13. The windows are going sealed up to the second floor.
  14. Keeping the driveway on both Porter and Orleans street;
  15. Parking lot would be in and out;
  16. 65 parking spots;
  17. Bakery proposed.
  18. Teshy requested for a presentation.
  19. Safety and Security issues with
  20. Systemic designs have been updated and need to be approved on the design by the building department.
  21. This week there will be progress on the clean up and tighty up the area.
    1. Weeding the parking lot; clean up property.
  22. Landscape to work with direct abutters for design.
  23. State Rep. Adrian Comments:
    1. Eye Sore;
    2. Deeply concerned about the lack of project updates;
  24. Safetly;
    1. Constituents have been reaching out to the State about this property;
    2. Requesting maintain the property as business/property owner
    3. Encouraging neighbors to reach out to the State Rep. about issues with this property.

East Boston Master Plan:

Email comments to: City Councilor Edwards

Second Hearing will be scheduled in the future.

Monthly Meeting Agenda – July 23 @ 6:30 PM

  1. Welcome & Project Updates
  2. GSCA Updates: Project tracker, website
  3. City of Boston Office Neighborhood Services Updates
  4. Project Presentations
    1. 197-207 Maverick Street
      This project consists of the demolition of the existing commercial structure containing Maverick Street Market (aka 205 Maverick) and construction of a new 5 story, community based redevelopment (without displacement) containing a new home for the existing marketing and potential laundromat operation, if desired, along with 55 residential units and 34 off-street parking spaces.
      Attorney Joe Hanley, 2st presentation
    2. 175 Orleans Street (Formerly Loftel)
      This project consists of the rehabilitation of the historic structure at 175 Orleans Street into a 127 room hotel. The rehab will include one additional story and 65 parking spaces with retail space on the bottom level. The owners will be present to provide updates on the status of this project.

Next Meeting date: Monday, August 27, 2018

Location: The Catherine Leonard-McLean (formerly Noddle Island) Community Room is located on the first floor of the Logan Airport Rental Car Center, situated at the end of Porter Street. Free event parking in front of the building and in the Porter Street parking lot adjacent to the building.