Monthly Meeting Minutes – September 24

Gove Street Citizens Association (GSCA)

Catherine Leonard-McLean Community Room
September 24, 2018
September General Meeting

  1. Welcome:
    1. Jack opens
  2. Boston Police Updates (Sargent Martin & Officer Simmons): — District 7
    1. Part 1 crimes – more serious crime homicides, burglary
      1. Up 24 incidents over 9 months – 2.5 incidents a month
      2. 47 more Larcy incidents than last year;
  • Car vandalism – Gove, Paris Street (Common – scratching people cars) — police encourage people to call in and report. Extra patrol has been ordered; especially overnight.
  1. House break in are down this year
  2. 1,700: 911 calls
  3. 337 – priority 1 call
  • 41 arrests YTD
  1. Final Peace Walk Thursday, September 27th, starts 69 Paris Street
  2. ROTC – Explorer Program, create a mini academy for students who are interested in law enforcement.
    1. Goal is to encourage kids to become Boston Police Offers.
  3. Community Safety Table Programb Police Department, Social WOrkers, EBHC, Substance abuse counselor — assist with substance abuse. — providing the option of detox and treatment — 30 – 40 people have been offered within our area.
    1. Goal is to get them the help that they need then sending to prison.
    2. Concentrated around the Maverick Square area.
  4. City of Boston Office of Neighborhood Services Updates (Jesus Garcia):
    1. iPod (interim planning overlay district) – BPDA Master Plan (apart of the Master Plan)
      1. Tuesday, September 25, 2018 – 6p – 7:30p
      2. 312 Border Street
  • Mario Umana Academy
  1. Gymnasium
  2. East Boston, MA 02128
  3. Wants to encourage the neighborhood to come and voice their concerns about the Master Plan.
  1. Boston Transportation Department (BTD) is hiring 20 Boston Residents.
  2. Blue bike racks will be added to Central Square and Orient Heights
  3. Subscriber to Jesus’ newsletter to get information
  1. East Boston Social Center 100th Anniversary (Marisa DiPietro):
    1. Gateway for any immigrants who come into the US are provide information and child care services, after school programs, elderly program, etc.
    2. Suffolk Downs – GALA, November 7, from 6p-9p in the Grandstand, 10 decade stations — photos will be provide of that era, antique cars will be there, “Living Legends”; restaurants will be there.
    3. Honoring Alumni – Robert Lewis Junior
    4. Fundraising events to assist in their 68 Central Square; Jeffries Point location.

Project Presentations:

  1. 197 – 207 Maverick (205 Maverick Street): 2nd Presentation/Vote
    1. 55 rental units and 34 off-street parking;
    2. Community outreach for the last year
    3. Revitalize non-conforming and outdated property site, without displacement.
    4. Introduce new public realm, active streetscape and public spaces.
    5. April was initial Abutters meeting with neighborhood meeting
    6. July (BPDA and ONS) – Abutters meetings
    7. Community Outreach – Piers Park and Social Center
    8. BPDA (400) – registered supporters from the immediate area.
    9. 93% Approval
    10. 86 DIrect Abutter (within 300 radius)
    11. Changes to Proposal:
    12. BPDA requested garage covering to be removed, now its an open parking lot in the back.
    13. Speaking to the abutters to manage the look of the back of the building.
    14. 6 ft fence in the back; no long 13 ft.
    15. Loading for retail will be loading in the back
    16. Apartments — who is going to run them.
    17. Market study claims that there is a need for rental.
    18. Manager will not live there; because tenants become too friendly with his staff (7am – 7pm)
    19. Affordable price; Open to 20 years who are moving out for the first time and
    20. I can’t lower the height:
    21. Claims that if he lowered the building because then he would have to get rid of the retail space therefore he can’t do it; “because I need to be able to get money from the bank. And for it to make economic sense”.
    22. Stores will be empty will be closed down for at least 4 months – 6 months there will be no store
    23. 14-16 month for the length of the entire project.
    24. Market has a lease for the next 22 years so therefore he can not lower the building.
    25. Create a public realm.
    26. Market will be allow to put fruit stands out in the front of the building.
    27. Questions from public:
      1. Zoning Variances Requested? height; FAR; rear yard relief; side yard relief; front of property; relief on parking — will have a set back (3.5 – 15); — Slide not Provided
      2. Rumor that there was a Zoning Board meeting? — They claim there is no presentation
  • No Stop sign on Maverick Street – highly traffic area;
  1. Crossing guard is needed for the children that are crossing the street for school.
  2. Proposed a raised an “Apron” but not currently supported.
  3. Abutter:
  • Height is too high, did not agree with removal of garage covering
  • Building is too high — will not be able to city of Boston; view of the city line;
  1. Vote Outcome: 12 yes – 12 no
  1. 113-115 Cottage Street: 2nd Presentation/Vote
    1. 3 (3F – 2000) → 4 unit residential building;
    2. Complete rehab; upgrade of life safety and egress
    3. Blend the lower part of the building into the neighborhood.
    4. Homeownership units
    5. Front Fire escape will be removed from structure.
    6. Roof would have a roof deck on accessible to the top unit.
    7. Variance request:
      1. Multi-family
      2. Non-Conforming use
  • Minimum Lot Size.
  1. One parking space
  1. ZBA: November 13, 2018
  2. BPDA Design Review : November 2018
  3. Permit Issuance – December
  4. Construction Begins – Winter
  5. 6-8 months to complete
  6. Questions: None
  7. Vote Outcome: 13 Yes- 2 No
  1. 66 Lubec Street: 1st Presentation
    1. 6 unit residential dwelling with parking for 3 vehicles.
    2. Parking configuration still under consideration to get more parking spots;
    3. Hosted an Abutters meeting a few weeks ago
    4. New Building; 4 story
    5. 1 micro unit; 2 studios; 2 2-bedroom and 1 – 3 bedroom
    6. 1 – Accessible Unit
    7. History of the lot is under research due to the the date of the building built around it.
    8. Masonry building and modern look
    9. Still in the early stages of the building design.
    10. Long Linear windows on the front of the building
    11. Balconies are incorporated due to the set back between the direct abutter.
    12. Parking spaces is a concern with the parking. — decline in the number of car getting permitted.
    13. Project proposed for individuals who do not need a car
    14. Height of building: est 47 ft; 4 stories.
    15. Variance:
    16. Side Yard → 5 ft → 0 ft (Proposed)
    17. Rear Yard → 5 ft → 10 ft (Proposed)
    18. FAR → 0 Max → 2.9 (Proposed)
    19. Open Space → < 300 S.F. Per Unit → 300 Sq ft (Proposed)
    20. Parking → 7 → 3 (Proposed)
    21. Questions:
      1. We need more parking for the number of units proposed.
      2. Stils underneath; structural
  • 4th parking space would be a great addition
  1. Micro-unit; suggested switching to the other side to help so that way the person that lives in the micro unit has more windows.
  2. There is no deck at the highest point of the building
  3. Plants to run along of the columns
  • How high are the columns → approximately 10 to 10.6 ft.
  1. 175 Orleans Street (aka Loftel Hotel): Updates
    1. Jamsan Hotel Management
    2. Originally Approved BPDA and ZBA back in 2016
    3. Article 80 project
    4. 120 Room hotel with full service restaurant and lounge
    5. Antenna Relocation/Roof Easement Issues
    6. Historic preservation tax credit process:
    7. As a result, the original proposed project had glass windows but as a result of the historic preservation, the windows are now different.
    8. Project Moving forward with upon permit issuance
    9. Antennas are on the roof of the building — RIchard will bring an expert next time to talk about the radiation from the antennas.
    10. The front of the building (where cars guest for cars will be on the Frankfort Street)
    11. The loading zone will be on Orleans Street
    12. Submitted final plans → September 2018
    13. Extensions of ZBA Approval → October 2018
    14. Issuance of the full building permit before 12/21/18
    15. Construction will begin right away
    16. 12 – 14 months to complete this project.
    17. Questions:
      1. Coffee shops will in the 1st floor will flow together with restaurant
      2. Patio — No patio
  • Where is the entrance and exit from airport. Come Down Porter and then into lot and exit into Orleans. — Shuttle, currently the owner isn’t sure about the process.
  1. Door Locking — is an issue; the cell phone tower company were leaving out of doors that they shouldn’t.
  2. Expressing frustration about the look and safety of the building.
  3. Hotel Chain involved: May be branded would be a boutique hotel.
  • Started as a shoe factory when building was originally built.
  • Are both parking lots will be used for parking? — Yes