Meeting Minutes – April 22, 2019

Welcome & Updates

  1. Welcome
    1. Theresa is temporarily stepping down; Jack is interim chair
    2. Welcome to representatives from our elected officials:
      1. Steve Gingras from Representative Madaro’s Office
      2. Gabriela Coletta from City Council Edwards’ Office
      3. Patricia Jehlen from Senator Boncore’s Office
  2. Boston Police Updates – Sargent Martin & Officer Simmons
    1. Crime statistics are pretty low.  Approaching 5th month and down 27%.  5 year downwards trend.
    2. Central Square shoplifting is up.  Commercial robberies (latenight) that spiked early haven’t occurred since early March.
    3. Department requests no specific help at this time.
    4. Please report noise problems with a follow up call.
    5. Down approximately 50% over the last decade.
    6. Peace Walks start on 4/22 (4th Thursdays) from the station at 6pm
    7. Q: Can anything be done about car scratching? A: These are difficult but if you have surveillance footage it helps.
    8. Q: Will surveillance cameras be installed? A: We are not aware of any plans, but it benefits us a lot.  Ask developers to install cameras.
    9. Q: Who installed the surveillance trailers? A: We’re not aware; they might be Massport.
  3. Office of Neighborhood Services – Lina Tramelli
    1. Love Your Block – May 11th – More details at
    2. East Boston Neighborhood Updates Newsletter – Subscribe at
    3. Neighborhood Coffee Hour East Boston – June 12 9:30a – 10:30a at Noyes Park, 86 Boardman Street Neighborhood Coffee Hours give residents a unique opportunity to speak directly with Mayor Walsh and staff from City departments.
  4. Board Updates
    1. New website and email system
    2. Upcoming events
      1. Keep an eye out for the next Neighborhood clean up (We held one last Sunday – 7 folks, 1hr, 10 bags incl 3 tires etc)
      2. Piers Park 2 Design Meeting – Apr 23 @ 6:30
      3. A Future with More Ferries: Business Plan Release + Panel Discussion – Apr 23 @ 5:30
      4. PLAN East Boston: Gove Street Walking Tour – Saturday 4/27 10-12 McKay school (Jay Ruggiero, BPDA)
    3. Project updates
      1. Maverick Shipyard (202 Maverick) – driveway easement on 3/19; final plans approved by BPDA; now applying for building permit; 30-45 days until construction begins if all goes well
      2. 205 Maverick – Construction could begin in as soon as 90 days, starting with the grocery store and laundromat
        1. Q: What has changed? A: It is still a 5-story building and stores are not set back.
        2. Q: What are GSCA votes? A: They are just suggestions to the ZBA
      3. Comments for ZBA on Mt Carmel project (Church building zoning appeal) due prior to hearing on 4/30 at 10:30AM


  1. 69 Lubec Street A proposal to erect a 5 story building with 8 residential units and 8 parking spaces.  1 st Presentation/NO VOTE – Attorney Jeff Drago
    1. Matt Eckel, with Drago with George and Paul from ownership and development team; abutters have already shared thoughts Epsilon Partners LLC
    2. Timeline: 2019-02-07 filing; 2019-xx-xx rejection; 2019-04-22 first public meeting
    3. Zoning: seeking several variances – request (required)
      1. Area per dwelling unit: 310 (1000)
      2. FAR: 2.52 (1.0)
      3. Min Side yard: 0/0 (2.5)
      4. Min Rear Yard: 12 (30)
      5. Parking: 1 (1.75)
    4. 8 unit similar units of about 1,000sqft
    5. Q & A
      1. Q: What are the attachment requirements? A: It requires a variance but it is relatively common.  67 Lubec owner is in favor, the other side is not.
      2. Q: Why do you have to go 5-stories?  Why is there a bump out? A: There are 4 stories and anchored with larger buildings like the Porter Lofts.  We like the bumpout for aesthetics and land area.
      3. I have an issue with 5 stories because most of the nearby buildings are 4 stories.
      4. Q: Will the facades match? A:  We can work with the developer.
      5. Q: Can you get more rear setback? A: We can work on it.
      6. Q: Why does the new attachment have to be 5 stories towering above a 3 story, towering, with no setback so there is no backyard.  A: I understand the fit story. Yes it will be 5-stories. There won’t be sidelot privacy issues because windows aren’t allowed.
      7. Q: Will the garage need a curb cut? A: Yes, we will petition for the 10-foot curb cut which is allowed.
      8. There are no popouts.  There are 5-stories.
      9. Q: How does attaching work? A: A party-wall would need to be constructed, but permission is not required.  It requires zoning appeal first, then abutters can do a court appeal.
      10. Q: Will it shade other properties? A: Yes.
      11. Q: Are these condos? A: Yes.

Meeting adjourned at 7:36pm
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Monthly Meeting Agenda – Monday April 22 6:30-8:30

  1. Welcome & Updates
  2. Boston Police Updates
  3. Office Neighborhood Services Updates
  4. 69 Lubec Street
    A proposal to erect a 5 story building with 8 residential units and 8 parking spaces.
    1 st Presentation/NO VOTE – Attorney Jeff Drago

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