Monthly Meeting Minutes – June 24

  • Lina Tramelli – ONS
    • New resident parking program (24-hour) on stretches of Paris St.
    • Enforcement starts July 1st
    • Signage will be added
  • Police Updates – Jack Scalcione (standing in for police)
    • 27% reduction in Part 1 crimes (Year-over-year)
    • Past month: 6 robberies, 2 assaults, 2 commercial burglaries, 3 residential burglars, 7 larceny from cars, 16 shoplifting
    • YoY: Robberies down 60%, assault down 53% ,larceny from vehicles down 27%
  • Proposal to rename the Greenway – Nat Taylor
  • Neighborhood Updates – Nat Taylor
  • Community Preservation Act Funding – Christine Poff
    • Flyer
    • Year 2000 State Law that allowed City’s and town’s to pass a property tax surcharge; Boston passed a 1% surcharge in 2016 to funding affordable housing, parks and open space and community Preservation
    • $25M/yr for Boston; dock and dockhouse for youth boating at LoPreseti Park; new playground at early learning center and Otis school; Grace Elderly apartments 35 new units; Home Ownership project with NOAH; new park in Orient Heights; Nantucket Lightship funding
    • Seeking ideas from residents about what needs funding
    • Hope to make a difference for projects like the demolished townhouses in Maverick Square
    • We can only fund capital improvements and acquisition; cannot fund programs
    • 9 member voting committee
    • Q & A
      • Q: Where are the Grace Apartments? A: In Maverick Square on Sumner St.
      • Q: What about St. Marys park? A: It’s on her list and she has spoken to the Parks department.
      • Q: Does it include maintenance? A: Just creation, but we work with Parks to take them on.
      • Q: Is art eligible? What if it is interactive? A: It depends on the project.
      • Q: How do we submit a project? A: Find our flyer!
      • Q: Is public/private projects allowed? A: Yes.
      • Q: Is Harborwalk allowed? A: It has to be public.
    • We are often a co-funding (where parts of the funding come from other places.)
    • We are trying to work with the mainstreets groups to help the areas.
  • Project Presentations
    • 48 Geneva Street A proposal to erect a 5-story 6-unit residential building. 1st Presentation/NO VOTE – Attorney Richard Lynds
      • Owner: Nick Delibro
      • Overview: 6 units, 4-6 parking spaces, intended for home ownership
      • Site context: MFR district (over 3 units)
      • Top level is set back
      • Zoning: Side yard: 3.5’-1’ (2.5’); Rear yard: 14’ (20’); FAR: 2.68 (2.35); Height: 5 story/50’ (3 story/25’); Open Space: 605sqft (1800 sqft); Parking: 4 (9); IPOD
      • Process (tentative): Community outreach (GSCA preso, abutters meeting, GSCA vote); ZBA Hearing – September 2019; BDPA design review – Fall 2019; Permit: Winter 2020; Construction Begins: Spring 2020
      • Q & A
        • Creates pressure to improve the conditions on Geneva St.
        • Q: Does the setback include the decks? A: Yes. The building itself is 20’
        • Q: Will it affect the light on Cottage St? A: Likely shadows are allowed because it is a buildable lot.
        • Q: What is a tandem spot? A: 2-vehicles behind each other.
        • Q: Is the road partially owned by Massport? A: It is a private way open to public. DPW has not accepted the street. The city sometimes plows it. When you develop a vacant parcel with no utilities, and if you lay them in a public area of travel then you must make improvement. Massport will not contribute to projects like sidewalks.
        • Q: What was Geneva St previously? A: It was part of an estate that was seized for tax reasons but it became a public way.
    • 273-279 Maverick Street A proposal to erect a 5 story mixed use building with 41 dwelling
      units with space for 1 retail establishment. 2nd Presentation & VOTE – Attorney Richard Lynds; Tim Lorenz
      • Reduced to 28 units; reconfigured building
      • Overview: combine lots; mixed use retail, artist space and 38 residential units; improve street-scape to blend with 287 maverick; 23 parking spaces and bike storage; intended for rental; Article 80
      • Context: 3F-2000 district
      • Concept: 1 curb-cut & shared pedestrian/bikepath around the site through to Everett; rear (South) units will have decks; 2 lobbies; new parking behind 272 Maverick; same masonry-base materials and fiberglass at 287; there could be 2 zipcar spaces
      • Zoning: Use: Mixed/multi (3F); Rear yard: 10’ (30’); FAR: 2.8 (1.0); Height: 5-story/59’6″ (3-story/35’); IPOD
      • Process: Community Outreach (GSCA – February, abutters – summer 2019, GSCA Vote – Summer 2019, Article 80 Review – Summer 2019); BPDA Board Approval – Fall 2019; Zoning Appeal – Fall 2019; Permit – Winter 2020; Construction begins: Spring/Summer 2020 (12-14 months)
      • Q & A
        • Q: What is the art space? A: 400sqft would be dedicated to affordable artist space;
        • Q: What if the artist space is unused? A: The large retail will be a Coffee Shop, the smaller will probably be professional offices. It won’t be designed for adaptability to residential. The developer most likely won’t have trouble filling it because of their network.
        • Q: What is the deal with the parking? A: 287 received zoning relief to get 26 spaces. Both buildings will have access to both garages and there can be “flex” between the two. Our client will cooperate with proposed city regulations about resident parking changes. There will be parking all in front of the building.
        • Abutter comment: concerned about parking especially on street sweeping day.
        • Q: Are there still 2 art spaces? A: No, the BPDA asked for additional retail.
        • Abutter comment: “The large zoning relief for parking is an insult the neighbors.” Response: You are eliminating a future industrial use, which could have employee and patrons parking.
        • Q: What about 1 car per unit? A: The city is planning for the next 100 years.
        • Q: Is there anything on the roof of the retail? A: Green-space and garden.
        • Q: What is the mix of units? A: Some of them are 900sqft.
        • Q: Is the the second time? Was it 38 units then? What is the height? A: Yes. No, 41-units. 59’6″ (same as next door)
        • Q: Is it really a 10-minute walk [to public tranit]? A: It is a formula of distance, and there is a busline.
        • Q: Where did the sqaure footage from the 3-units go? A: Reconfiguration that went to other units.
        • Q: Are they barbecue bits? A: There could be grills.
        • Q: Is the pathway public? A: It will be up to the BPDA.
      • Vote: 6 yes, 8 no

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 PM.

Monthly Meeting Agenda – Monday June 24

Date: Monday, June 24, 2019
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Catherine Leonard-McLean Community Room
Logan Airport Rental Car Center

  1. Welcome & Announcements
  2. Boston Police Updates – Sergeant Martin & Officer Simmons
  3. Office of Neighborhood Services Updates – Lina Tramelli
  4. Community Preservation Act Funding – Thadine Brown
    Discuss overview, process & projects
  5. Friends of the East Boston Greenway – Nat Taylor
    Name Change Proposal
  6. Neighborhood Updates – Nat Taylor
  7. Project Presentations:
    1. 48 Geneva Street
      A proposal to erect a 6 unit residential building.
      1st Presentation/NO VOTE – Attorney Richard Lynds
    2. 273-279 Maverick Street
      A proposal to erect a 5 story mixed use building with 41 dwelling
      units with space for 1 retail establishment.
      2nd Presentation & VOTE – Attorney Richard Lynds

LOCATION: The Catherine Leonard-McLean (formerly Noddle Island) Community Room is located on the first floor of the Logan Airport Rental Car Center, situated at the end of Porter Street. Free event parking in front of the building and in the Porter Street parking lot adjacent to the building.