Minutes 02-24-2020

Welcome & Announcements (Lorraine Curry)
a. Welcome attendees and Steven from Adrian Madaro’s office & Patricia from Senator
Boncore’s office

  1. Boston Police Updates (Sargent Cintolo & Officer Simmons)
    a. Car breaks are up – Maverick St & Cottage St: 7-8 break ins (cars left unlocked – no signs
    of forced entry)
    b. House break on Maverick – woman arrested & looking at another person of interest
    c. These are crimes of opportunity – Lock all doors (car, house)
    d. One resident caught a car break in on tape, bicycle seen going up and down street
    brought tape to D7 – Thank you!
    e. Nothing is too small – call when something happens
  2. Office of Neighborhood Services
    a. Early voting begins tomorrow: 12pm-8pm at EB High and all week at City Hall
  3. “Fresh Slate Eastie” candidates (Victoria Dzindzichashvili (DiLorenzo)
    a. Vickyis from Orient Heights – Upcoming Ward Committee election
    b. Ward Committee – trys to bring more people into the voting process – Bring up civic
    engagement via frequent, widely advertised meetings, get people registered to vote, etc
    c. Flesh Slate will be on the ballot listed as Group 2 – by selecting this, you vote for all
    members of Fresh Slate. There are 2 groups running.
    d. Question: Can you vote a mix of members? Yes, but Vicky requested a vote for the
    Group as a whole as they have shared interests.
  4. Cargo Ventures
    a. Introduction by Pat Cappogreco, who works for Cargo Ventures
    b. They are asking for feedback on Upper Chelsea Creek Industrial District – to develop
    Coghlan bypass all the way to Revere, offer a back door to the airport (950 trucks/per
    day go to Logan – they would now use this bypass) Potentially connect to Suffolk Downs
    c. Jake Citrin (presenter) – looking for feedback and to improve the vision for
    redeveloment – increase industrial development and increase parking
    d. They control a number of properties a number of industrial buildings along McClennan
    e. Most are airport related – cargo, catering, etc.
    f. Old Boston/Maine railway (Coghlan bypass to bring you into the airport)
    g. Phase 2 of Coghlan Bypass development – This is 600K sq ft of development
    h. Create parking structure – accommodate Park and Fly and airport employees
    i. First floor with potential Retail– Silver line stop and parking
    j. Need agreement with CubeSmart – if not, move parking up McLellan Hwy
    k. Questions: Do you plan to limit public waterfront access? No.
    l. Concerns raised over adding more cars to the roads. They are adding transportation- the
    Blue Line, Shuttles, etc. Also taking the trucks off the roads by creating bypass
    m. Question: Is Mass DOT selling their property to them? Unsure. Mass DOT is doing a
    planning study now to determine how it best be used. They are working independently
    from MassDOT with developing their properties.
    n. Website will be created soon
  5. Neighborhood Updates
    a. Jason Ruggerio – PLAN EB – Feb 25, 6:30 – 8:30 @ EB Social Center – Open House re:
    Today’s Transportation Network Meeting
    b. Memory Café – First Friday every month @ Paris St Gym, 10:30am-12:00pm
  6. Project Presentations
    14B Geneva: –
     Attorney Jeff Drago presenter- 4 Unit condo (3 stories, 34 ft high – 35 ft allowed) with 4 parking
     Addressed concerns about left side set back – Now have 3 ft set back on left, and at the property
    line on the right – Not the minimum of 5 ft, therefore asking for variance. Moved door and
    garage entrances to accommodate changes
     Abutters mtg on Feb 27
     VOTE Taken: Yes – 12 / No – 4
    Anyone with a financial interest in the project must disclose their interest prior to voting. Board may
    198 & 200 Maverick
     Attorney Jeff Drago presenter – Proposed change 3 family into a 4 family – add 4th story, no
     Question: What is the legal basis for the hardship? Adds additional housing, helps with housing
    crisis, allows for assistance with renovation costs.
     VOTE: Yes – 7 / No – 8
    303 Maverick
     Change from 3 family to 4 family – add 4 th story, basement living part of 1 st floor unit
     Will be brought up to code – sprinklers, each unit has own mechanicals, central air, etc.
     Recessed top floor in the back to pull in on the top floor to help provide sunlight
     Abutters concerned about lack of parking and loss of sunlight by extending building back, despite
    the 4 th floor set back
    175 Orleans St/155 Porter St – Loftel Update
     Attorney Lynds and Ashok Patel presenters
     Jamison properties purchased the property with the approved plans, but permits not ready
     Still planning 123 hotel room with restaurant/lounge, 65 parking spots
     Some minor design changes, but the rest of the plans are the same – 6 th level and bakery have
    been eliminated
     Telecommunications companies own the right for their antennas to be there. Negotiations with
    them to move the antennas from the sides of the building to the middle of the building
     Preserving the windows to get historical tax credits– historic significance of the original building
    being one of the first manufacturing buildings (Aproved fall 2019)
     Contractors have been hired to prep the building – within 2 weeks we will buildings covered,
    then scaffolding will go up to then wrap building
     Antennas will be moved at a later date

 Construction financing is preliminary approved with a local lender
 Property is not being sold, the developer is committed to the project
 ZBA approval complete through January 2021, final design plans submitted to BPDA for approval
 Expect the permits by the end of May – building process expected to be about 12 months
 No explanation for the delay to wrap the building – the windows take time.
 Question: Will the windows we tinted or clear? The windows we will clear class
 Question: Do we know the name of the hotel? – “Cambria” there is one is South Boston – still a
boutique hotel
 Question: How many shuttle vans? Plan is 1 shuttle van to the airport – entrance and exit on
each side of Porter and Orleans Streets
 Community shared their disgusts about the condition of the building and Attorney Lynds
expressed agreement.

February 2020 Monthly Meeting

Gove Street Citizens Association
(GSCA) Monthly Meeting Agenda
Monday, February 24, 2020
Catherine Leonard-McLean Community Room Logan Airport Rental Car Center

  1. Welcome & Announcements – Lorraine Curry
  2. Boston Police Updates – Sergeant Cintolo and Officer Simons
  3. Office of Neighborhood Services Updates – Lina Tramelli
  4. “Fresh Slate Eastie” candidates – Victoria Dzindzichashvili (DiLorenzo)
  5. Cargo Ventures – Pat Capogreco
  6. Neighborhood Updates – Nat Taylor
  7. Project Presentations: 14B Geneva:
    Brief Update. Construct 4 family building on vacant lot with 4 parking spaces in enclosed garage.
    VOTE – Sandra DeFeo 198 & 200 Maverick:
    Brief Update. The proposals are to change the occupancy of the three-family residential dwelling to a four-family residential dwelling.
    VOTE – Sandra DeFeo 303 Maverick:
    To change the occupancy of the three-family dwelling to a four-family dwelling and add a
    fourth story addition. Also, to renovate. 175 Orleans Street:
    Brief Update.

Next Meeting: Monday, March 23

LOCATION: The Catherine Leonard-McLean (formerly Noddle Island) Community Room is located on the first floor of the Logan Airport Rental Car Center, situated at the end of Porter Street. Free event parking in front of the building and in the Porter Street parking lot adjacent to the building.