February 2022 Virtual Meeting

We plan to host the next meeting on Monday, February 28, 2022 at 6:30 PM. Please register below to receive a Zoom link.


  • Updates from new East Boston liaison to the mayor’s office, Nathalia Benitez
    • Introduction of Nathalia
    • Mayor’s shift to focus on waterfront development in East Boston (new municipal harbor plan)
    • Updates on policies related to COVID-19
  • Community updates from Boston Police Department officer Sgt. Cintolo
  • Open discussion

Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcudeigrDMoG9Qn_dLMLaPoNvqVw1BfeN34

January 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes

  • Welcome and introduction – 15 min
    • Introductions from volunteer transition team: Neel (5 years), Carlos (1 year), Chen (<1 year), Jane (8 years), Lorraine, Fredi (15 years)
    • If anyone who would like to join, please email board@govestreet.org
  • Announcement
    • Surge: The Trustees has partnered with Boston Dance Theatre and the Boston Foundation to set up a paid creative residency for a group of BIPOC performing artists residing in East Boston to reflect on the impacts of local climate events, build on existing narratives of resilience to climate change, and to envision a thriving future for the East Boston community through artistic presentation
  • Presenters
  • Questions and open forum
    • Questions for candidates
      • What advice do you have for neighborhood associations that voice opposition, but ultimately get ZBA approval
        • Colette: recommend reforming ZBA; current process in Boston is by variance
        • Del Rio: leverage current elective officials to be an active voice for the neighborhood
      • With more development in East Boston, what will you do about congestion?
        • Del Rio: should not let East Boston become another Seaport. encourage transit-oriented development; A lot of traffic into the neighborhood is due to airport – need to work with Massport reduce cars, e.g. to make Logan Express free to use, charge suburban cars
        • Colette: need to plan well and observe this issue not as a singular project, but as an ecosystem. 15-min city – to get people out of their cars and make it more walkable. East Boston becomes a bottleneck for folks from the NE corridor. Plan for water transportation
      • Why doesn’t East Boston attract the amenities (e.g. Trader Joe’s) seen in other areas around the Boston region?
        • Del Rio: There are opportunities. We can look at our existing locations. Gives examples of the police station, Paris St. pool. Can work with Main Street.
        • Colette: It’s in the cards. Gives example of Charlestown.
    • Other questions
      • Has new East Boston liaison been assigned? Will he/she be joining future meetings
        • Nathalia Benitas was recently appointed. GSCA will reach out and request joining future meetings
      • Shooting on Wadsworth/Saratoga St.
        • No new updates – but future meetings can bring in a community officer
      • Open to community feedback on how best to run the meetings?
      • How do we recruit new people to join the neighborhood association?
        • Potentially do a block party
        • Having info/items in multiple languages – increase access
        • Find small grant to support the organization
        • Encourage competition to bring people into the meeting – wins a small award
  • Reminder next meeting will take place on Monday, Feb. 28 at 6:30 pm

Meeting recording

Access Passcode: Jm2!HPB8

January 2022 Virtual Meeting

I hope that everyone is having a great start to 2022! I am writing on behalf of a small group of residents of the Gove Street neighborhood who have banded together to keep the Gove Street Citizens Association (GSCA) running. We plan to host the next meeting on Monday, January 24, 2022 at 6:30 PM. Please register below to receive a Zoom link.

We are writing both to announce this meeting and also to ask residents of the area served by the association to submit any items they would like to see on January’s agenda. Please submit via email to board@govestreet.org.

We are excited to create a space to come together and build community with our neighbors.

Neel and the GSCA transition team


  • Welcome and introduction – 15 min
  • Announcement
    • The Trustees Boston Waterfront Initiative – Gabriela Ramirez (10 min)
  • Presenters
    • Tania Del Rio (Candidate for D1) – 10 min
    • Gabriela Coletta (Candidate for D1) – 10 min
  • Questions and open forum
  • Next meeting: Monday, 2/28 at 6:30 pm ET

For notes: please see January 2022 minutes.