April 2022 Meeting Minutes

Recording for meeting:

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Voting results for 284 Maverick St.

  • Yes: 9
  • No: 5


  • Announcements (5 min)
  • Community updates (20 min)
    • Boston Police Dept. update from Officer Curtis Mosley
      • Rise in shots fired and gun arrest – be mindful and careful of your area
        • Recovered 4 firearms recovered last week
        • On Liverpool St., there has been 2 incidents
      • Telephone scams seem to be decreasing
      • Fraud report with Bitcoin
      • Central Sq. still seeing shoplifting
      • Several citations on public drinking
      • Car breaks and catalytic thefts still seem to be issue
      • Commercial plates issues in the Eagle Hill area
      • There was a body found near the old casket – State Trooper leading efforts
      • Drug arrest that happened near South Bremen St. area
      • On 4/23, there was an arrest for aggravated assault near S. Bremen St.
    • Water and sewer pipe replacement in Gove Street area
      • There is ongoing water main, sewer drains, and pipes infrastructure being updated in the Gove Street neighborhood. 
      • BWSC is asking us to separate existing combined sewers in East Boston. This includes the replacement of approximately 3,950 linear feet of combined sewers / sanitary sewers, and the installation of 7,355 linear feet of storm drains. This work also includes installing 8,800 linear feet of water mains, and the rehabilitation of approximately 2,310 linear feet of existing wastewater pipes. 
    • Upcoming Blue Line service disruption: shuttle buses and ferries
      • Blue line diversion taking place from 4/25 to 5/8. Buses will be running from Government Center to Airport. There’s also ferries shuttling individuals between the Lewis Mall and Long Wharf.
      • Later, there are blue line diversions May 12 to May 29 between Orient Heights and Wonderland
    • East Boston neighborhood liaison, Nathalia Benitez-Perez Updates on fire at 183 Maverick Street in February
      • Coffee Hour with the Mayor on 5/4 from 9:30-10:30 am – there will be iced coffee and plants; also BPD will be present
      • Rodent walk with Office of inspectional services taking place next week. Please add areas to address to Nathalia
      • Subscribe to Nathalia’s newsletter: https://newsletters.boston.gov/subscribe?category=My%20Neighborhood 
      • Fire at 194 Maverick – last 
        • 89 Orlean St. occupants have been taken cared of by insurance
        • 91-93 Orlean St. most residents are staying with family and friends; Noah has been helping with; if you drop anything off, please email Nathalia (nathalia.benitezperez@boston.gov)
      • Neighborhood clean up can share tools – can work with Public Works
      • Flight attendant crash pad on Geneva Street
        • Fire department went to location, which then brought forth ISD and it was deemed as an environment not suitable for living
        • The owner is working with ISD to see if this can be addressed
      • Natasha Perez on Bremen/Orleans project
  • Piers Park III design update, Boston Waterfront Initiative Trustees (10 min)
    • Providing update of the improved design based on community feedback
      • Added space for more than one access point
      • Added space for water taxi dock
    • There’s a new feedback sharing feature on the website: https://onewaterfront.thetrustees.org/feedback 
    • Upcoming programming:
    • Waterfront ambassadors:
  • Vote on 284 Maverick Street development project, Drago and Toscano, LLP (10 min)
    • Update from Matt Eckel and Christopher Flass
    • Questions: Is this on two parcels? No, just one parcel.
      • Comments on liking the updated siding and color updates.
      • Can there be openings on the side? The building code would not allow for it.
      • What is the heating system? All electric. Could be placed on the roof.
      • Can you lower the height of the building? Most likely not given wanting to keep the ceilings at a minimum of 8’4”.
      • Did you receive a refusal letter from ISD? Yes
      • Did this present to JPNA? This only presented to GSCA
      • Is this a rental or for sale? A renta