January 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes

  • Welcome and introduction – 15 min
    • Introductions from volunteer transition team: Neel (5 years), Carlos (1 year), Chen (<1 year), Jane (8 years), Lorraine, Fredi (15 years)
    • If anyone who would like to join, please email board@govestreet.org
  • Announcement
    • Surge: The Trustees has partnered with Boston Dance Theatre and the Boston Foundation to set up a paid creative residency for a group of BIPOC performing artists residing in East Boston to reflect on the impacts of local climate events, build on existing narratives of resilience to climate change, and to envision a thriving future for the East Boston community through artistic presentation
  • Presenters
  • Questions and open forum
    • Questions for candidates
      • What advice do you have for neighborhood associations that voice opposition, but ultimately get ZBA approval
        • Colette: recommend reforming ZBA; current process in Boston is by variance
        • Del Rio: leverage current elective officials to be an active voice for the neighborhood
      • With more development in East Boston, what will you do about congestion?
        • Del Rio: should not let East Boston become another Seaport. encourage transit-oriented development; A lot of traffic into the neighborhood is due to airport – need to work with Massport reduce cars, e.g. to make Logan Express free to use, charge suburban cars
        • Colette: need to plan well and observe this issue not as a singular project, but as an ecosystem. 15-min city – to get people out of their cars and make it more walkable. East Boston becomes a bottleneck for folks from the NE corridor. Plan for water transportation
      • Why doesn’t East Boston attract the amenities (e.g. Trader Joe’s) seen in other areas around the Boston region?
        • Del Rio: There are opportunities. We can look at our existing locations. Gives examples of the police station, Paris St. pool. Can work with Main Street.
        • Colette: It’s in the cards. Gives example of Charlestown.
    • Other questions
      • Has new East Boston liaison been assigned? Will he/she be joining future meetings
        • Nathalia Benitas was recently appointed. GSCA will reach out and request joining future meetings
      • Shooting on Wadsworth/Saratoga St.
        • No new updates – but future meetings can bring in a community officer
      • Open to community feedback on how best to run the meetings?
      • How do we recruit new people to join the neighborhood association?
        • Potentially do a block party
        • Having info/items in multiple languages – increase access
        • Find small grant to support the organization
        • Encourage competition to bring people into the meeting – wins a small award
  • Reminder next meeting will take place on Monday, Feb. 28 at 6:30 pm

Meeting recording

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