Minutes 2020-01-27

  • Welcome & Announcements
  • Boston Police Updates – Sergeant Cintolo and Officer Simons
    • 2019 Part 1 decreased by 12%; commercial break-ins were up (24 in 2019; average 6-8); Car break-ins were up; 2020 car break-ins on Maverick and Sumner St – detectives are looking for a suspect with a limp; house breaks are way down;
  • Office of Neighborhood Services Updates – Lina Tramelli
  • Neighborhood Updates – Nat Taylor
  • Project Presentations:
    • EBNHC – The proposal before the Zoning Board of Appeal is to amend the zoning authorizations for the 20 Maverick Square and 10 * Gove Street East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) facilities to remove the references to the provision of ancillary parking at the following off-site lots: 75-115 Bremen Street, 164 Orleans Street, and 147-163 Orleans Street. We will also authorize existing parking spaces located at 21 Gove Street and 79 Paris Street for use ancillary to the EBNHC facilities. The purpose of this amendment is to allow for the release of liens on the off-site lots. EBNHC is not requesting authorization to develop the off-site lots; any future development on the off-site lots would require full public and community review through the City’s Article 80 process.
      • Federally qualified community health center with 350,000 visits per year that sees everyone without any qualificiation
      • We employee 1,200 people, about half of which live in East Boston
      • 50 year history in East Boston
      • Community based board
      • ISD rejected our request for an administrative change, so we are going through the formal process
      • Our attempt to build admin failed, so now we are seeking proposals for the project
      • We are shifting liens between parcels
      • The practical use will not change (from parking) right away
      • It does not affect the potential to develop
      • On employee parking: we are responsible for employee parking, and it is currently free and part of their employment, so we will continue to provide that through different means including a multi-year public transit effort, a TNC effort. We will try to decrease the single occupancy vehicle trips into East Boston.
      • ZBA hearing is tentaviely in early March with 5 projects
      • Q: What is your parking plan? A: We are making a multi-year plan and it won’t change until there is a development. Next fiscal year will give out transit benefits. We will assess additional benefits. We have hired the consultant he reformed MIT’s transit benefits.
      • Q: How many vehciles do you own and run? Will that change? A: I don’t know offhand. We have a P.A.C.E program that we store some at Bremen St. We have security vehicles. P.A.C.E will grow if/when patients grow. We want to have satelite lots and build a transit system.
      • Q: Can you do something about cars that park and get tickets in front of your inactive entraces? A: Yes, please contact me.
      • If you have concerns or complaints, please share them with our patient run board.
      • Q: Will you be merging with any health plans? A: We are not an insurer, but we want to merge with the South End Community Health Center.
    • 198 & 200 Maverick – The proposals are to change the occupancy of the three-family residential dwelling to a four-family residential dwelling.
      • Zoning Variances: FAR (2.35), Height (43’), Side yard (pre), rear-yard (pre), parking
      • Q: Are there any flooding risks? A: We did not get triggered for flooding, but there is not living space in the basement.
      • Q: Will there be a garage? “We don’t got no parking space.” A: No, since there is no change for the structure.
      • Q: How many units currently? A: 6 (3 & 3) The new is 8 units.
      • Q: Will the porches remain? A: Yes.
      • Q: Will there be any roof decks? A: No.
      • Q: There will be so many cars. What will you do? A:
      • Q: If you dig there will be mice? A: We aren’t digging and we will put out traps.
      • Q: Condos or apartments? A: Rentals (But could be converted.)
      • Q: Why are there 3-bed 1-baths? A: They are existing.
      • Q: Is the corner door staying there? A: Yes.
      • Q: Will there be a safety inspection? A: Yes.
      • Q: Will you need jersey barriers? A: No.
      • Q: When do anticipate starting the rehab? A: Best case is the fall, but it could be later.
      • Q: Are there current leases? A: Yes.
      • Q: Are all the units going to be market rate? A: Yes.
    • 14B Geneva – The proposal is to erect a four-family building with four parking spaces.
      • Currently an empty lot.
      • Chris McQue is the owner and propoenent. Peter Vanko is the architect.
      • We are looking into setback changes.
      • Zoning Variances: additional lot area per dwelling unit; lot width (29); frontage (29); FAR (1.68); Open space (100sqft); front yard (0); side: 0L 3’R; rear: 10’; parking (4); flood hazard; IPOD;
      • First floor has a handicap list
      • Q: Will you build the sidewalk? A: We would like to but it is a private way.
      • Q: Are there any sewers? A: The units to left had to put in 8″ sewer and water main from Maverick. We are going to extend the water main and add a fire hydrant.
      • Q: Can they put poison in the sewers for the rats? A: We don’t know.
      • Q: What is the distnace to chain link fence? Will you have to use the existing side yard? A: 3’. Yes.
      • Q: Why can’t you split the side yards? A: We need to have windows. We are exploring flipping it, so there is a 6’ side setback.
      • Q: Where will the electrical lines go? A: That’s just cable and it will get shifted back in the lot. Eventually they will go underground. It is dead and I have asked them to cut it.
      • Q: How will you build when its so close? A: We do it all the time.
      • Q: What is the plan for the street? A: It would have a curb cut and we want to have side walks. The process for changing from private to public way requires the City and a 51% vote on the street and then the owners are assessed based on individual area. We eventually want lighting and green, and we want to copy the adjacent aprons.
    • 279 Maverick – Brief Update
      • Richard Lynds (attorney) Tim Leandre (architect) – we have made some updates to the project.
      • Subject to Article 80E-2 BPDA review process
      • Changes:
        • reduced to 36 residential units (5 inclusionary development policy IDP units)
        • increase open space to 5,040 sqft
        • Improved streetscape to blend
        • Reduced FAR from 2.84 to 2.76
        • Proposal to integrate with parking garage at 287 Maverick.
      • Aligning with the existing path from the park
      • Concept is to be pedestrian and bike friendly
      • Q: Is there a cut through the Everett? A: Yes, pedestrian only.
      • New street trees
      • Rear gardens / yard area
      • Zoning variances: use, add’l lot area, rear year (10’), FAR (2.76), height (59’6″), Open Space (<300), parking (23), IPOD
      • Process: If approved, construction could begin in Winter 2020 for 12-14 months.
      • Q: Will the adjacent spot have a cafe? What will go into the retail? A: Yes. Maybe the cafe will move to this project’s larger space, so the other space could become offices.
      • Q: Has this always gone through GSCA? Last week was the first I heard of this. Can you provide a rendering from the Everett Street side? Yes. What has the process been? I am concerned about the huge 60’ foot wall, since it is nearly twice as tall. What about the pedestrian right of way? It will be on our property and there will be a fence. We could limit the use.
      • Q: Will the pedestrian way be lit? A: It will be BPDA approved down-lighting.
      • Q: Will there be an abutters meeting? When? A: Yes, through the Article 80 process. It will most likely be here. It will be flyered and in the newspaper. We expect it to be in March at the earliest.
      • Q: There is a big unit at 202 that has 1-1 parking, so why can’t this project do that? A: The units are larger whereas 1-beds require less parking, and the BPDA looks at these and determines whether 1-to-1 parking aligns with the City’s goals of density and transportation. There are other factors too.
      • Q: What does it mean if we continue to vote it down? A: The community group process is advisory.
      • Q: Has a development ever been voted down for having too much parking? Almost every person wants parking. This parking is inadequate. A: 245 Sumner St was built with more parking than the BPDA recommended.
      • We don’t have cars and so we don’t want to pay the premium for parking.
      • Q: How will waste be handled? A: There is an internal trash room with private management.
      • Q: For the IDP units, what is the rate? Will you sell them at exactly that rate? A: For a 2-bed based on size the maximum sale price is $239k through a lotery system. For a 1-bed based on size, it’s $189k. It’s a 50 year deed restriction. You can sell them for more than a 5% increase. They will probably be listed at the max rate, then it is up to the market.
      • Q: How big is the commercial space? A: 2,000 sqft.
      • Q: Is there space for public accomidation? A: There is an amenity room at 287 for people in the building, but nothing for 279.
      • Q: Will there be roofdecks? A: They are balcony roof decks off the units in the set back.

Meeting adjourned at 8:13 P.M.

November Meeting Minutes

  • Welcome & Announcements
    • No December Meeting
  • Office of Neighborhood Services Updates – Lina Tramelli
  • Boston Police Updates – Officer Simons
    • Congratulations and thank you Sergeant Martin
    • Welcome Officer Cintola
    • Increase in commercial break-ins but we made an arrest
    • Beware of phone scams – don’t give personal information or send money
    • Q: What should I do if I get a call that my number is compromised? A: Make sure you speak to someone.
    • Q: Cross-walks at Maverick are chaos? A: It isn’t a police matter.
    • Q: What about cars double parking? A: We’re not in the business of rushing people; we make people or give them a ticket if they are there after 2 loops.
  • Neighborhood Updates – Nat Taylor
    • East Boston Tree Council
    • Beautification Committee
  • Revised GSCA By-Law Approval Vote – Shawn Lu / Nat Taylor
    • Q: Do we require a quorum? A: No
    • Q: What is the definition of abutter? A: State definition
    • Q: What types of financial disclosure? Are they allowed to vote? A: Direct only. Yes the are eligible.
    • Q: Could the abutter exception have unintended consequences? A: Yes, but that’s a sign of an engaged neighborhood.
    • Vote: 11 YES 0 No
  • Project Presentations:
    • 10 Geneva Street A proposal to erect a 4 story multi-family dwelling (7 units) with parking at grade. 2 nd Presentation / Vote – Attorney Richard Lynds
      • Materials: 1st story masonry; upper stories hearty plank that resembles neighboring buildings
      • Height: 37’2″ and no roof deck or head house; similar to other 4 story buildings on Geneva street. Adjacent 3-story building is 32′ feet.
      • The change of use from industrial to residential is consistent with the Master Plan
      • Project is required to bring in water and sewer and make public realm improvements
      • Q: Can you make it 3-stories with more parking? A: We understand 1-1 parking but the City thinks that is excessive; we are trying to be transparent
      • Vote: Yes 3 – No 8
    • 255 Maverick Street A proposal to raze the existing building and erect a mixed use 4 story building with 9 residential units and one retail unit with parking at grade. 2nd Presentation / Vote – Attorney Richard Lynds
      • Mid-facade decks will be used to break it up aesthetically
      • Height is 37’2″ with an elevator head house which aligns with adjacent buildings
      • Q: Can you commit to street trees? Keeping the rear trees? A: Yes to street tress. There are no rear trees.
      • Q: Will there be retail? A: Yes, low-intensity
      • Vote: Yes 7 – No 4
    • Legislative Update – Representative Adrian Madaro
      • $30M New Police station at base of Eagle Hill! Finally after mid-1800s
      • State budget: Piers Park sailing center included amendment for $50,000; Funded grant for Greenway extension to Winthrop; cross-roads family shelter is getting $245k for workforce development; EBSC is getting $50k for daycare service during relocation; YouthConnect got $25k for a social working position; Vocational Education: $75k for job readiness program at EBHS; $75k for STEM pilot schools in all EB elementary schools
      • Greenway renamed in honor of Mary Ellen Welch
      • I am the vice-chair of transportation; I am EB’s seat at the table; We need more money for big ticket items like ferries, Red-Blue connector, late-night service, Blue Line to Lynn and for reliability (including for the Blue Line); Leadership, House, Senate and Business Community agree its a big issue;
      • Study Opportunity Act to be signed tomorrow to add $1.5b to close opportunity gap (including East Boston!)
      • Hands-free Driving will be enacted soon
      • I respect veterans; new legislation for mental health needs of veterans as state schools
      • Announcements
        • I have been appointed the vice-chair of transportation (new office and added staff)
        • Eastie’s Elves
      • Q: Is the BPS funding going to public schools? A: Yes
      • Q: EBNHC is seeking to develop the parking lots? A: Yes but it is ambiguity and there will be a community process.
      • Q: How will you alleviate congestion? A: I have written a TNC-fee bill. I have a bill on regional ballot initiatives to get things on the ballot to get new taxes. Gas tax is in play. Toll reform (equity and congestion pricing) may be in play.
      • Q: Can Worcester Airport be moved closer to the Mass Pike? A: I would support it.
      • We are experiencing in 2019 the Logan ESPR projections for 2040, so regionalization and mitigation are essential. I am advocating for HEPA filters in our schools. I am advocating for night curfews.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10.

October Meeting Minutes

Bylaw Proposal Links

Project Presentations


  • Welcome & Announcements
  • Introduce new Gove Street President – Lorraine Curry
  • Office of Neighborhood Services Updates – Lina Tramelli
  • Neighborhood Updates – Nat Taylor (link)
    • Logan ESPR Consultation Session
    • ZBA Hearings 10/29 10:30 AM (58 Lubec Street, 69 Lubec Street, 48 Geneva Street)
    • Gino’s Auto Body Proposal “Reduced”
    • Mt. Carmel Demolition Delay Applications – Final step before construction begins
    • Loftel Update – Problem Property fines in place; City is pursuing more severe fines.
  • Revised GSCA By-Law Administration Proposal- Shawn Lu / Nat Taylor
    • Key Proposed Changes
      • Boundaries
      • Voting
      • Presentations
      • Restructured Sections
    • Timeline
      • October Meeting – 1st Presentation
      • November Meeting – 2nd Presentation & Vote
    • Discussion:
      • Thank you
      • What about AirBnB? Students? Short term residents?
      • Does 2 project attendance eligibility still apply
      • Abutter proxy voting?
  • 10 Geneva Street – A proposal to erect a 4 story multi-family dwelling (7 units) with parking at grade. 1st Presentation / No Vote – Attorney Richard Lynds
    • Proponent: Nick Yebba; all 2-bed 2-bath avg 900sqft; intended for home ownership
    • Site context: multi-family residential; current use: parking lot;
    • Plans: ground floor: 1 unit for ADA adaptability; parking; other floors: 2-units per floor; subject to change based on BPDA feedback
    • Zoning: Variances: FAR: 1.6 (1.0); Height: 4-story/37’ (3 story 35’); Open Space: 206 sqpu (300 sfpu); Parking: 7 (9); IPOD
    • Process: Long form Aug 2019; ZBA Appeal Sep 2019; Community outreach: TBD; ZBA Hearing: Jan 2020; BPDA Design Review: Winter 2020; Permit Issuance: Spring 2020; Construction begins: Spring 2020 (10-12 months to complete)
    • Comments
      • Prefer 3 stories to be consistent with existing buildings and there is a lack of parking. Response: It’s a short 4-story, but we feel this is the best design to be cost-effective and include parking; It’s consistent with the rear the units.
      • We appreciate the efforts on the height; this building would block views from 14 and 14A, which is 4-units, 8 parking spots. Response: I hear you. Your building is an anomaly with parking. Your roof deck could be raised.
      • What about the power lines? The rendering is illustrative, not exact.
      • Q: Is there any commitment to alleviate the conditions of the street? A: We are required to bring in our own utilities and will probably be tapped from Maverick St and will have to be up to the City standards. Paving or sidewalks will have to be a collective effort.
      • Q: Who owns this street? A: It is complicated. The City assumes a responsibility to ensure it is open and passable, but the strip they took by tax liens is probably returned to private ownership due to inaction.
  • 255 Maverick Street – A proposal to raze the existing building and erect a mixed use 4 story building with 9 residential units and one retail unit with parking at grade. 1st Presentation / No Vote – Attorney Richard Lynds
    • Proponent: Nick Yebba; Architect: Dan O’Sullivan
    • Project: 2 bed 2 bath avg 1000 sqft; intended for home ownership
    • Site context: 3-family; this side of the street has manufacturing uses and 4-story buildings;
    • Plans: ground floor has an entrance for cars; building has elevator; maintain retail space; typical floor plans; indoor trash room; height: 37.5’;
    • Zoning: Use: multi-family (3-family) (retail is allowed non-conforming use); FAR: 1.67 (1.0); Height: 4-story/37’ (3-story/35’); Open Space: 192 sqpu (300 sfpu); Parking: 9 (12)
    • Process: Long form Aug 2019; ZBA Appeal Sep 2019; Community outreach: TBD; ZBA Hearing: Jan 2020; BPDA Design Review: Winter 2020; Permit Issuance: Spring 2020; Construction begins: Spring 2020 (10-12 months to complete)
    • Discussion
      • Q: What is the rear setback? A: 30’ (code) Q: Where is the parking? A: 3 indoor, 6 outside; Q: Do you have a rendering of the rear? A: No. BPDA will require lots of screening (Architect gave out a copy)
      • Q: I think this is appropriate for Maverick Street. We think the prospective owners will have multiple cars.
      • Q: Is there space for bike racks? A: Yes.
      • Q: What will the retail be? A: Not restaurant; small grocery or professional offices;
      • Q: Will the existing market come back? A: It’s possible because it is a similar space.
      • Q: Is the current building deeper? A: Yes, the proposal has more setback.

Adjourned at 7:48PM.

Monthly Meeting Minutes – September 30, 2019

  • Welcome & Announcements
  • Boston Police Updates – Sargent Martin & Officer Simons
    • Last month: 1000 calls + 500 reports; 350 priority 1 calls. 9/3 fatal homocide on West Eagle St; man from Chelsea arrested last week. Large arrest for 1 kilo of fentlynol + 2 kilos of cocaine + semi-automatic shotgun on Sumner St with DEA. 55 arrests (DV, DUI.) Most stats are down. Increase in vandalism to motor vehicles (keying + smashed windshields.) Man was recently arrested in GSCA for 6 cracked tail lights. Down 17% (100 incidents) year-over-year.
    • Q: Was there an arrest for the Shell gas station incident? A: May have missed it, but neighrbors
  • Neighborhood Updates – Nat Taylor
  • Plan: East Boston Update – Kristina Ricco, Jason Ruggiero
    • Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going October 08, 2019 6:00 – 7:30 PM East Boston Social Center
    • Neighborhood Residential October 24, 2019 6:00 – 7:30 PM
    • Mixed-Use Nodes & Corridors November 06, 2019 6:00 – 7:30 PM
    • Waterfront Industrial & Economic Development Areas November 21, 2019 6:00 – 7:30 PM
    • Outcomes
      • New zoning recommendations
      • New design guidelines
      • Transportation action plan
  • Project Presentation: Combine 4 lots: 231, 233, 237 Maverick Street and 96; Cottage Street into the following: 96 Cottage St: Erect 4 story – 2 unit building; 233 Maverick St: Erect 4 story – 9 unit building; 231 Maverick St: Erect 4 story – 7 unit building; 2nd Presentation & Vote – Attorney Marc LaCasse
    • Project name: 231 Maverick St
    • Zephyr Architects
    • Some changes have been made since the last presentation
    • 2 buildings: 7 and 2 units
    • Both headhouses are now set back from the street
    • 9 parking spaces (no change in street parking) – single entrance
    • Variances: Area/Unit: 1000 (<1000sqft/unit); Hiehgt; Lot width; FAR, Open Space, Side Yard, Parking
    • Vote: 8 yes / 3 No
    Meeting adjourned at 7:15PM.

Monthly Meeting Minutes – July 22

  • Welcome & Announcements
    • No August Meeting
    • Next Meeting Monday September 23rd
  • Boston Police Updates – Sargent Martin & Officer Simmons
    • Sorry for missing June meeting
    • June: 1,800 911 calls for service (normal); 560 self-initiated; 365 priority 1 calls; 320 police reports; down 25% for Part I crimes; 39 arrests; 1 car breakin overnight in GSCA; May shots fired at Sumner and London that resulted in 3 arrests of gentlemen from Maverick landing;
    • Breakins: car breakins result from visible valuable items like cell phones and GPS; come in spurts; a few years ago we had 200, but much fewer now; Police need reports to stop these.
    • Phone scams: beware of phone scams of callers claiming to represent the police, IRS, SSA, etc. Do not do any transactions in gift cards. Do not give any personal information.
    • Peace Walk: Every Thursday at 6pm in front of District 7 for about an hour.
    • Lopresti Park annual event
    • Last Tuesday there was an incident on Chelsea with a woman who needed hospitalization and whose unit needed cleaning because of feces in buckets and such.
    • If folks are sleeping on the Greenway, then it is OK to call the police
    • There was a fight outside Maverick Station on station
    • Q: What about out of state cars? A: We will flyer them.
    • Q: Have you heard anything about cars being keyed? A: Not in Jeffries Point. There was an issue last winter in GSCA and Paris St, but the police don’t have video evidence.
    • Q: We have many out of state cars and they don’t get ticketed and towed. Why not? A: They should be. Lina is documenting this. The police do not ticket for out of state.
  • Office of Neighborhood Services Updates – Lina Tramelli
    • East Boston has added a second enforcement officer.
  • Neighborhood Updates – Nat Taylor
    • We have a bulletin board – email secretary@govestreet.org
    • Small business roundtable on Wednesday 7/24 morning 7a-10a with coffee
    • We will continue to work on getting project updates for those that have stalled, etc
  • Project Updates- Richard Lynds
    • Loftel Hotel (155 Porter St)
      • Approved in 2016; Purchased by Hudson in 2017; Complete rehab into 127 rooms;
      • Delays due to:
        • Antenna relocation and easement requiring completed legal proceedings
        • Historic preservation tax credit
      • Mayor, Madaro and Edwards have chimed in on this building and the client knows they need to get the building into a good condition.
      • Within 2 weeks they will get the building into construction prep ready and remove the window junk, then wrap the building
      • Client wants to avoid being placed on the problem properties list
      • Q: Are the windows historic? A: They have a design element to meet the criteria for federal and state tax credits. The client will get them installed as soon as possible. “Cleaning” up the building is the short-term priority. The final construction plans are being reviewed by BPDA. Then ISD will review for 30 days.
      • Q: Will the cell towers remain? A: Yes. That is why the 6th level was removed.
      • Q: When will it start? A: 2 weeks
      • Q: Can our city officials give them a deadline? A: They client needs to act immediately.
    • 173-177 Maverick St. (DeAngelis Bakery)
      • MG2, Joy St Design; Complete rehab of DeAngelis Bakery into residential approved in June 2018; BPDA design completed in Fall 2018; structural engineer determining if demolition is required within 4-6 weeks which would trigger Article 85
      • Q: If you demolition, will the new building have the proposed design? A: Yes
      • Q: Can they clean up the weeds and the trash? A: Yes, that is included in the “construction prep” process to begin within 2-weeks.
      • Q: What is the timeline? A: A contractor will begin “building prep” within 2 weeks. A permit should be issued by ISD within about 30 days from when BPDA completes design review, then construction this fall.
    • 66 Lubec is undergoing BPDA design review, then they could get a permit and begin construction in the fall.
  • Project Presentations
    • 24 Geneva Street – A proposal to erect a 5-story, 6 unit residential dwelling. 2 nd Presentation & VOTE – Attorney Richard Lynds
      • The City should consider making this a public way which would require the developers to fund it.
      • Zoning Variances: additional lot area: 0 (1000), side yard: 1 (2.5) Rear yard: 14 (20) FAR: 2.68 (2.35); Height: 5 story 50 (3 story 35) Parking: 6 (9) IPOD
      • Schedule: GSCA in Feb; Abutters soon; Zoning Hearing in September; BPDA design review in fall 2019; permit: spring 2020; construction: 10-12
      • Q: Will there be trees on the windowless side? A: No
      • Q: Could the abutters build? A: Yes
      • Q: Did you do a shadow study? A: No
      • Q: Abutter is concerned about the 5 story building and lack of parking. Does it set a precedent? A: No buildings don’t, but the 4-story building is the largest.
      • A project of this size will be asked to make public realm improvements.
      • Q: What about parking? A: The developers will pay for paving.
      • Q: What are the requirements of the developer? A: Its undetermined but it will be included in the BPDA design review.
      • Q: Will you commit? A: We will need water and sewer to get a permit, and so paving, curbing and sidewalks will be required.
      • Vote: Yes: 10, No: 4
    • 48 Geneva Street – A proposal to erect a 6 unit residential building. 2nd Presentation & VOTE – Attorney Richard Lynds
      • Zonig Variances: Side yard: 1 (2.5) Rear: 14 (20) FAR: 2.68 (1) (others)
      • Process: GSCA June, Abutters July, GSCA June, Hearing September, BPDA Design Review: Fall, Permit: Winter, Construction: Sprint 2010 (10-12 months)
      • Comments: Less stories, more parking
      • Vote: Yes: 7, No: 2
    • 58 Lubec Street – This proposal to change occupancy from 4 units to 9 units and erect a penthouse. 2 nd Presentation & VOTE – Attorney Richard Lynds
      • Rehab facades; resize units; upgrade life safety
      • We will attempt to preserve the character of the front balconies
      • Zoning Relief: FAR: 2.68 (2.35), Height: 5 story 53’4″ (4 story 44’6″), Open Space: Existing (300 S.F P/U), Parking: 0 (5)
      • Schedule: GSCA January, Abutters July, GSCA Vote, Hearing September, BPDA: Fall, Permit: Winter, Construction: Spring (6-8 months)
      • Vote: Yes: 7, No: 3
        Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm

Monthly Meeting Minutes – June 24

  • Lina Tramelli – ONS
    • New resident parking program (24-hour) on stretches of Paris St.
    • Enforcement starts July 1st
    • Signage will be added
  • Police Updates – Jack Scalcione (standing in for police)
    • 27% reduction in Part 1 crimes (Year-over-year)
    • Past month: 6 robberies, 2 assaults, 2 commercial burglaries, 3 residential burglars, 7 larceny from cars, 16 shoplifting
    • YoY: Robberies down 60%, assault down 53% ,larceny from vehicles down 27%
  • Proposal to rename the Greenway – Nat Taylor
  • Neighborhood Updates – Nat Taylor
  • Community Preservation Act Funding – Christine Poff
    • Flyer https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-Z2018s8oeAWGZYSEVRUE9EamdTRlJ1SVdVenQ4b0ZiaE5r
    • Year 2000 State Law that allowed City’s and town’s to pass a property tax surcharge; Boston passed a 1% surcharge in 2016 to funding affordable housing, parks and open space and community Preservation
    • $25M/yr for Boston; dock and dockhouse for youth boating at LoPreseti Park; new playground at early learning center and Otis school; Grace Elderly apartments 35 new units; Home Ownership project with NOAH; new park in Orient Heights; Nantucket Lightship funding
    • Seeking ideas from residents about what needs funding
    • Hope to make a difference for projects like the demolished townhouses in Maverick Square
    • We can only fund capital improvements and acquisition; cannot fund programs
    • 9 member voting committee
    • Q & A
      • Q: Where are the Grace Apartments? A: In Maverick Square on Sumner St.
      • Q: What about St. Marys park? A: It’s on her list and she has spoken to the Parks department.
      • Q: Does it include maintenance? A: Just creation, but we work with Parks to take them on.
      • Q: Is art eligible? What if it is interactive? A: It depends on the project.
      • Q: How do we submit a project? A: Find our flyer!
      • Q: Is public/private projects allowed? A: Yes.
      • Q: Is Harborwalk allowed? A: It has to be public.
    • We are often a co-funding (where parts of the funding come from other places.)
    • We are trying to work with the mainstreets groups to help the areas.
  • Project Presentations
    • 48 Geneva Street A proposal to erect a 5-story 6-unit residential building. 1st Presentation/NO VOTE – Attorney Richard Lynds
      • Owner: Nick Delibro
      • Overview: 6 units, 4-6 parking spaces, intended for home ownership
      • Site context: MFR district (over 3 units)
      • Top level is set back
      • Zoning: Side yard: 3.5’-1’ (2.5’); Rear yard: 14’ (20’); FAR: 2.68 (2.35); Height: 5 story/50’ (3 story/25’); Open Space: 605sqft (1800 sqft); Parking: 4 (9); IPOD
      • Process (tentative): Community outreach (GSCA preso, abutters meeting, GSCA vote); ZBA Hearing – September 2019; BDPA design review – Fall 2019; Permit: Winter 2020; Construction Begins: Spring 2020
      • Q & A
        • Creates pressure to improve the conditions on Geneva St.
        • Q: Does the setback include the decks? A: Yes. The building itself is 20’
        • Q: Will it affect the light on Cottage St? A: Likely shadows are allowed because it is a buildable lot.
        • Q: What is a tandem spot? A: 2-vehicles behind each other.
        • Q: Is the road partially owned by Massport? A: It is a private way open to public. DPW has not accepted the street. The city sometimes plows it. When you develop a vacant parcel with no utilities, and if you lay them in a public area of travel then you must make improvement. Massport will not contribute to projects like sidewalks.
        • Q: What was Geneva St previously? A: It was part of an estate that was seized for tax reasons but it became a public way.
    • 273-279 Maverick Street A proposal to erect a 5 story mixed use building with 41 dwelling
      units with space for 1 retail establishment. 2nd Presentation & VOTE – Attorney Richard Lynds; Tim Lorenz
      • Reduced to 28 units; reconfigured building
      • Overview: combine lots; mixed use retail, artist space and 38 residential units; improve street-scape to blend with 287 maverick; 23 parking spaces and bike storage; intended for rental; Article 80
      • Context: 3F-2000 district
      • Concept: 1 curb-cut & shared pedestrian/bikepath around the site through to Everett; rear (South) units will have decks; 2 lobbies; new parking behind 272 Maverick; same masonry-base materials and fiberglass at 287; there could be 2 zipcar spaces
      • Zoning: Use: Mixed/multi (3F); Rear yard: 10’ (30’); FAR: 2.8 (1.0); Height: 5-story/59’6″ (3-story/35’); IPOD
      • Process: Community Outreach (GSCA – February, abutters – summer 2019, GSCA Vote – Summer 2019, Article 80 Review – Summer 2019); BPDA Board Approval – Fall 2019; Zoning Appeal – Fall 2019; Permit – Winter 2020; Construction begins: Spring/Summer 2020 (12-14 months)
      • Q & A
        • Q: What is the art space? A: 400sqft would be dedicated to affordable artist space;
        • Q: What if the artist space is unused? A: The large retail will be a Coffee Shop, the smaller will probably be professional offices. It won’t be designed for adaptability to residential. The developer most likely won’t have trouble filling it because of their network.
        • Q: What is the deal with the parking? A: 287 received zoning relief to get 26 spaces. Both buildings will have access to both garages and there can be “flex” between the two. Our client will cooperate with proposed city regulations about resident parking changes. There will be parking all in front of the building.
        • Abutter comment: concerned about parking especially on street sweeping day.
        • Q: Are there still 2 art spaces? A: No, the BPDA asked for additional retail.
        • Abutter comment: “The large zoning relief for parking is an insult the neighbors.” Response: You are eliminating a future industrial use, which could have employee and patrons parking.
        • Q: What about 1 car per unit? A: The city is planning for the next 100 years.
        • Q: Is there anything on the roof of the retail? A: Green-space and garden.
        • Q: What is the mix of units? A: Some of them are 900sqft.
        • Q: Is the the second time? Was it 38 units then? What is the height? A: Yes. No, 41-units. 59’6″ (same as next door)
        • Q: Is it really a 10-minute walk [to public tranit]? A: It is a formula of distance, and there is a busline.
        • Q: Where did the sqaure footage from the 3-units go? A: Reconfiguration that went to other units.
        • Q: Are they barbecue bits? A: There could be grills.
        • Q: Is the pathway public? A: It will be up to the BPDA.
      • Vote: 6 yes, 8 no

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 PM.

Monthly Meeting Minutes – May 28, 2019

  • Welcome & Announcements
  • Office of Neighborhood Services Updates – Lina Tramelli
    • Mayor’s Coffe Hours – June 12th @ 9:30 Noyes Park
  • Greenway Gove St Crossing Project – Stephanie Weyer
    • Friday June 14th and 15th installation – volunteers needed
    • Seasonal and popup components
    • Seating, tables, plantings, etc
    • Pop-up: similar to Roslindale
    • Conrail blue
    • Q: Can you do anything with historic ships? A: Yes, we’re trying.
    • Historically, there used to be a walking bridge across this area. Eventually the city took it down because it was dangerous but without a replacement plan.
    • Q: How many volunteers do you need? A: TBD. Get the contact from Nat
    • TODO: Jack to write up brief history of the crossing
    • Q: What about runway lights? A: Maybe flourescenet paint
    • Q: What about parking? A: It is temporary
    • Q: Can we get a stop sign? A: Good idea
    • Q: Can we show historic names? They could trace back to the names of the ships. A: Please contact me (Stephanie)
    • Q: When does short term end? A: End of summer.
  • Project Updates – Nat Taylor
    • Presentation link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Zh2adbYsKxeJU6ls8CRpA6SPJ21O2Vgt-FtUXEzqhmk/edit#slide=id.g5a2de58590_0_54
    • GSCA: Website, Facebook, Email
    • PLAN: East Boston – Affordable Housing
      • BPDA info session to learn more about programs that help create and preserve affordable housing as well as stabilize families facing displacement.
      • June 4, 2019 6:00 – 7:30 PM East Boston Social Center
      • June 18, 2019 6:00 – 7:30 PM East Boston Social Center
    • Love Your Block 2019
      • Street cleanup & shrub planting
      • Thanks to all the volunteers!
    • 175 Orleans Street (Loftel)
    • 202 Maverick St
      • May 1 – The plans for this project have been signed off on by [BPDA] Urban Design team. Everything is consistent with what was approved.
    • 28-30 Geneva Street BPDA Board Approved
      • Approved by BPDA Board on May 16 5-story residential building with 26 condominium units and 19 off-street parking spaces.
    • 282-308 Bremen Street
      • 165 Units
      • Public meeting 06/05/2019 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM BCYF 112 Paris Street
      • Public comments due June 10, 2019 via email at Raul.Duverge@Boston.gov
    • Suffolk Downs Minority Businesses Owners Meeting
      • June 4th at 2pm Suffolk Downs Clubhouse
    • Ward 1 Democrats Meet & Greet
      • June 12th at the Orient Heights Yacht Club 6-8
  • Project Presentations:
    • 69 Lubec Street A proposal to erect a 5 story building with 8 residential units and 8 parking
      spaces. 2nd Presentation & VOTE – Attorney Matt Eckel
    • Drago represnting George Corris, local developer
    • Tried to make changes based on feedback from abutters and GSCA
    • Change from 8 to 7 units and spaces
    • 5th floor is now setback 15-feet in front and 14-feet rear
    • Height: 47’6″
    • Timeline: 2/7 ISD filing, 3/18 refusal letter, 4/22 first presentation, 5/28 second presentation
    • Held meetings with direct abutters; pulled away from Delibero
    • variances: rear 12/30; lot area per dwelling: 358/1000, FAR: 2.2/1.0; height: 47’ feet; rear yard: 12’; parking: 1/1.75
    • Summary of changes:
      • reduces from 8 to 7 units
      • lowered building hieght
      • reduced FAR from 2.52 to 2.2
      • front pullback
      • rear pullback
      • others
    • Q: What is the balcony depth? 4’ and that’s where the setback begins
    • Vote: Yes: 1 No: 5

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm
Please submit revisions or comments to secretary@govestreet.org

Meeting Minutes – April 22, 2019

Welcome & Updates

  1. Welcome
    1. Theresa is temporarily stepping down; Jack is interim chair
    2. Welcome to representatives from our elected officials:
      1. Steve Gingras from Representative Madaro’s Office
      2. Gabriela Coletta from City Council Edwards’ Office
      3. Patricia Jehlen from Senator Boncore’s Office
  2. Boston Police Updates – Sargent Martin & Officer Simmons
    1. Crime statistics are pretty low.  Approaching 5th month and down 27%.  5 year downwards trend.
    2. Central Square shoplifting is up.  Commercial robberies (latenight) that spiked early haven’t occurred since early March.
    3. Department requests no specific help at this time.
    4. Please report noise problems with a follow up call.
    5. Down approximately 50% over the last decade.
    6. Peace Walks start on 4/22 (4th Thursdays) from the station at 6pm
    7. Q: Can anything be done about car scratching? A: These are difficult but if you have surveillance footage it helps.
    8. Q: Will surveillance cameras be installed? A: We are not aware of any plans, but it benefits us a lot.  Ask developers to install cameras.
    9. Q: Who installed the surveillance trailers? A: We’re not aware; they might be Massport.
  3. Office of Neighborhood Services – Lina Tramelli
    1. Love Your Block – May 11th – More details at https://www.boston.gov/civic-engagement/love-your-block
    2. East Boston Neighborhood Updates Newsletter – Subscribe at https://newsletters.boston.gov/subscribe?category=My%20Neighborhood
    3. Neighborhood Coffee Hour East Boston – June 12 9:30a – 10:30a at Noyes Park, 86 Boardman Street Neighborhood Coffee Hours give residents a unique opportunity to speak directly with Mayor Walsh and staff from City departments.  https://www.boston.gov/calendar/neighborhood-coffee-hour-east-boston
  4. Board Updates
    1. New website and email system
    2. Upcoming events
      1. Keep an eye out for the next Neighborhood clean up (We held one last Sunday – 7 folks, 1hr, 10 bags incl 3 tires etc)
      2. Piers Park 2 Design Meeting – Apr 23 @ 6:30
      3. A Future with More Ferries: Business Plan Release + Panel Discussion – Apr 23 @ 5:30
      4. PLAN East Boston: Gove Street Walking Tour – Saturday 4/27 10-12 McKay school (Jay Ruggiero, BPDA)
    3. Project updates
      1. Maverick Shipyard (202 Maverick) – driveway easement on 3/19; final plans approved by BPDA; now applying for building permit; 30-45 days until construction begins if all goes well
      2. 205 Maverick – Construction could begin in as soon as 90 days, starting with the grocery store and laundromat
        1. Q: What has changed? A: It is still a 5-story building and stores are not set back.
        2. Q: What are GSCA votes? A: They are just suggestions to the ZBA
      3. Comments for ZBA on Mt Carmel project (Church building zoning appeal) due prior to hearing on 4/30 at 10:30AM


  1. 69 Lubec Street A proposal to erect a 5 story building with 8 residential units and 8 parking spaces.  1 st Presentation/NO VOTE – Attorney Jeff Drago
    1. Matt Eckel, with Drago with George and Paul from ownership and development team; abutters have already shared thoughts Epsilon Partners LLC
    2. Timeline: 2019-02-07 filing; 2019-xx-xx rejection; 2019-04-22 first public meeting
    3. Zoning: seeking several variances – request (required)
      1. Area per dwelling unit: 310 (1000)
      2. FAR: 2.52 (1.0)
      3. Min Side yard: 0/0 (2.5)
      4. Min Rear Yard: 12 (30)
      5. Parking: 1 (1.75)
    4. 8 unit similar units of about 1,000sqft
    5. Q & A
      1. Q: What are the attachment requirements? A: It requires a variance but it is relatively common.  67 Lubec owner is in favor, the other side is not.
      2. Q: Why do you have to go 5-stories?  Why is there a bump out? A: There are 4 stories and anchored with larger buildings like the Porter Lofts.  We like the bumpout for aesthetics and land area.
      3. I have an issue with 5 stories because most of the nearby buildings are 4 stories.
      4. Q: Will the facades match? A:  We can work with the developer.
      5. Q: Can you get more rear setback? A: We can work on it.
      6. Q: Why does the new attachment have to be 5 stories towering above a 3 story, towering, with no setback so there is no backyard.  A: I understand the fit story. Yes it will be 5-stories. There won’t be sidelot privacy issues because windows aren’t allowed.
      7. Q: Will the garage need a curb cut? A: Yes, we will petition for the 10-foot curb cut which is allowed.
      8. There are no popouts.  There are 5-stories.
      9. Q: How does attaching work? A: A party-wall would need to be constructed, but permission is not required.  It requires zoning appeal first, then abutters can do a court appeal.
      10. Q: Will it shade other properties? A: Yes.
      11. Q: Are these condos? A: Yes.

Meeting adjourned at 7:36pm
Please submit revisions or comments to secretary@govestreet.org

Monthly Meeting Minutes – February 25

  • Office Neighborhood Services Updates – Jesus Garcia
  • Boston Police Updates – Sargent Martin & Officer Simmons
    • Homicide outside of Medalo bar; warrants issued; no arrest
    • Late night 12a-5a 6x commercial breakins in 30 days (Jevellis, Little Asia); request survelience video and to report loud noises at night; group of 2-4 males; smash and grab
    • Postings by White Supremecists; reported by community; 3 individuals arraigned
    • Part 1 crimes are still down year-over-year (82 down from 102); 2018 ended high with robberies and they are down now; car breaks are down; larceny/shoplisting up
    • 3rd safest Neighborhood in the city (behind Charlestown & West Roxbury)
    • Seeking 5-year residents to become cadets
    • Please contact us any time
    • Q: How many robberies? A: 4 total; 1 arrest; 2 of 3 were “minor”
    • Q: Any reports of trouble on the Greenway? A: No
    • Q: We have speeders starting 6AM on Porter Street A: We’ll give the info to our traffic enforcer
  • Eastie for Eastie Project
    • A discussion on how we as a community respond to flooding. There will be a survey for attendees to complete
    • Colleen, Kelly, Mario and Kanan
    • Q: Is NOAA involved? A: No, its NOAH Youth
    • Q: Where can you get flood insurance? A: Private insurance is allowed, but its all backed by FEMA.
    • Q: What is the website? A: http://eastieforeastie.com
  • Friends of the Greenway
    • Updates on the Greenway design plan for the Gove Street crossing within the East Boston Greenway.
    • Michelle Moon & Kannan T.
    • Paper Survey (also on http://eastbostongreenway.com)
    • Summary of Recent events (Art installation, caboose lighting, Stir a Memory)
    • Working on a priority plan. They want to know what people want.
    • Q: Will Massport take care of emergency phone boxes? A: Not sure
    • Q: What is the process for event planning? A: The Facebook page lots of photos from last summer’s events, like music, food and dancing, especially in the Gove Street area.
  • 24 Geneva Street
    • A proposal to erect 6 unit residential dwelling. 1 st Presentation/NO VOTE – Attorney Richard Lynds
    • Site Owner: Resident Nick Delebra (also contractor and builder)
    • Overview: 2400 sq ft vacant lot; 6 units; 6 parking spots; two 2 bed & 4 1bed; condo units
    • Looking at improvements to the street with the city and abutters
    • No variance: min lot size, use, min lot width, front yard, parking (shallow lot)
    • Variance for: add lot area, side yard, rear yard, FAR, height, open space
    • IPOD is in as of October 18, 2018
    • Process: Outreach – Feb; Abutters – March; Vote – Apr; ZBA Hearing – May; BPDA – June 2019; Permit – Summer; Construction – Fall 2019
    • Q: How can we coordinate multiple projects to avoid congestion? A: Next project should be the corner. BTD has to approve permits and should coordinate.
    • Q: Will there be a shadow study? A: Yes, we can look at that.
    • Q: Could you point out the entrances and exits on the first floor? A: There are stairs that will be up to the building code.
    • Q: How far back does the building go? A: 14-foot setback.
    • Q: What about the condition of the street? A: It is designated a “private way” with a public right of travel. At some point the Public Improvement Commision will have to address it. The largest abutter is Massport which isn’t subject to Betterment Assement.
    • Q: Is there a center sewer line? A: The exist service is up to city standards to allow connection for other contractors.
  • 273-279 Maverick Street
    • A proposal to erect a 5 story mixed use building with 41 dwelling units with space for 1 retail establishment. 1 st Presentation/NO VOTE – Attorney Richard Lynds
    • Subject to Article 80E-2 so it requires approval by the BPDA (based on units and size.)
    • Overview: combine lots to 12,400sqft. Mixed use 1 retail, 2 artst, 38 residental. Blend the street scape with the project next door at the Pickle Factor; At least 22 parking spaces; Condo units
    • Garage access is on the side. 10-foot setback with pedestrian garden; front facade is setback 25-feet from the street.
    • Parking variance is 22 from allowed 72
    • Subject to IPOD
    • Artists space would be no cost to the community.
    • Process overview: GCSA – Feb 2019; Abutters – Spring 2019; Vote – Spring 2019; Article 80 – Spring 2019; wait for 287 to finish.
    • Q: There is only 1x 4-story building; everything else is 3-story wooden structure also on Everett. A: 287 Maverick is 5-stories; several 4-stories are approved; Pickle Factory is 5-stories; Industrial and commericial sites are allowed to continue because they are grandfathered from before zoning. Trade off with change of use is significant investment.
    • Q: Is the artists space the same as retail? A: No, they are separate. No tenant yet but there is 1,400sqft for a small cafe or retail.
    • Q: What about parking? A: We can displace the arists space.
    • Q: Is the retail mandatory? A: The city likes mixed use for areas that don’t have a lot.
    • Q: Is the vision that people will want this (density with limited parking) in the future? A: We can envision fine wine/cheese/beer for neighbors.
    • Q: Is there an IDP requirement? A: Yes, it is a minimum of 13% so 5-units would be income restricted and it will have the artists’ space.
    • Q: Are there environmental features? A: Modern green practices like ventilations and a minimum level of energy efficiency. It will manage new groundwater better than other constructions. We may look at other uses for the roof, like solar. Bike racks are included. We will look at EV-charging.
    • Q: What is the street frontage setback? A: 25-feet for the second story. There is a setback plaza between 287 Maverick.
    • Q: Can Maverick Street be two ways? A: No. We will have to make a committment to transportation mitigation fund.
    • Q: What is the construction timeline? Will it overlap with 287 A: 12-14 months and it will not overlap with 287 schedule.
  • Update on Loftel Project (155 Porter Street) – Attorney Richard Lynds
    • Project plan is unchanged
    • Project requires federal and state tax credits; historic preservation is from the owners.
    • Antenna move is approved
    • Q: Haven’t we waited long enough for it to be secured? A: I have asked them to wrap the building. The city is on them regularly.
    • Q: What is the schedule? A: They agreed on the antenna move 2 weeks ago, which was a requirement of the BPDA approval, so now they can get that.
    • Q: Who owns what? A: They own all of the parking lots. Janson owns 60 hotels.