New Projects must submit the Gove Street Citizens Association – Project Information Form

Planners expect that by 2025 the neighborhood will have 375+ new residential units, 275 hotel rooms and 20,000 square feet of commercial space.


  • 173-177 Maverick Street (DeAngelis Bakery) Complete rehabilitation of existing 3 buildings and vertical addition for 9 condo units and 2500 sqft retail.
  • 175 Gove Street Erect a five-story residential building with 9 units and 7 interior parking spaces.
  • 90-94 Cottage Street A preliminary presentation to erect a 4-floor, 7 unit condo ownership building with one handicapped unit and 6 on-site parking spaces.


This section may not reflect recent votes.

  • 28-30 Geneva Street Demolish the existing structures and erect a six-story residential building with 32 condo units and 19 interior parking spaces
  • 18 Everett Street Demolish existing structure, merge lots and erect a four-story residential building with 9 condo units.
  • 23 Everett Street A proposal to change the occupancy from a one-family dwelling to a two-family dwelling. Also, renovate the building by adding a 3rd story addition.
  • 67 Lubec Street A proposal to erect a 4-floor, 6 residential condo unit building with 6 parking spaces in the rear of the building.
  • 46 Geneva Street Proposal to erect a 3 story, 3-family residential building, with a roof deck and head house.

Boston Planning & Development Authority Projects

Check “Development Projects” page for the latest.

  • 10-16 Everett Street Proposal is a four-story, residential development totaling approximately 22,544 Sq. Ft. with 19 housing units including two IDP Units and 21 garage parking spaces.
  • 205 Maverick Street The Proposed Project consists of the demolition of an existing single story commercial structure which contains the Maverick Street Market and Swish & Swash Laundromat at 197-207 Maverick Street and the construction of a five (5) story mixed-use building with approximately 3,100 square feet of ground floor retail space, fifty five (55) residential units, and approximately thirty four (34) off-street parking spaces.
  • 202 Maverick Street The proposed development is a 23 unit, 22,700 square foot development with 20 parking spaces on 8,050 square feet of land.
  • 128 Gove Street (Mt. Carmel) The proposed project consists of the renovation and coversion of the former Mount Carmel Church into a residential building and the construction of three additional residential buildings that will include a total of approx. 115 residential units and 91 off-street parking spaces.
  • 175 Orleans Street (Hotel) The proposed project consists of the rehabilitation of the historic structure at 175 Orleans Street, into a 127-room loft style boutique hotel. The rehabilitation will also include one additional stories and 65 at grade parking spaces.
  • 287 Maverick Street (Pickle Factory) The proposed project consists of the construction of a 5- story mixed use building, containing 37 residential units, 1 commercial unit, and 30 accessory off-street parking spaces.
  • 114 Orleans Street Proposal is a 5-story, residential building totaling approximately 29,385 SF with 23 condominium units including three IDP units and 25 interior parking spaces.